An update, and a simple pasta dish


A few posts ago I answered some questions that I usually get about my food choices. Well, today I can answer two more. First, the more interesting question of “What happens if you eat meat?” Over the weekend I went with a close friend to Earthday Birthday, a local rock festival. He managed to have VIP tickets from work, and we both were able to enjoy the luxuries of a rock concert VIP. One of the many perks (my favorite being the VIP only portapotties) was free lunch and dinner. This was much appreciated as we were at the event from noon until almost 11 at night. The one downside, the free lunch was barbecue sandwiches, coleslaw, and potato salad. The dinner featured barbecue chicken breasts and beans. Prior to going down the vegan path, I ate a good amount of chicken. In fact, if you check out earlier recipes on this blog you will find several for meat dishes! I have been fully meat free since Thanksgiving, so five months. I had gone vegan several years before, and transitioned back into a standard American diet with no issues, so I figured this would be the same. I was wrong. My body was NOT happy with me, and in addition to the predictable issues with reintroducing meat to my diet, I had a stuffy nose for two days! Looking online, this seems to be a fairly common symptom.

Long story short, what happens if I eat meat? Terrible, terrible things

The second question I am answering tonight “Does it take a long time to cook dinner?” is less graphic and easier to answer. NO, does not take a long time to cook dinner! Tonight I came home from my second job, and within 15 minutes had a fresh meal, full of nutrients, ready to eat!

Pepper Mushroom Pasta


1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Portebella mushroom
5 crimini mushrooms
8 cherry tomatoes
some basil
1 box of pasta
4 cloves Garlic
2 tbs olive oil

Bring a large pot to boil (or until it gets really hot and starts to steam). Meanwhile, heat chopped garlic in olive oil on the stove. While the water is warming, and the garlic is cooking, chop the peppers and mushrooms. Add them to the olive oil. By now, the water should be warm, add in pasta. Chop tomatoes and basil. Once the peppers and mushrooms are showing signs of being cooked (they are shrinking!), add the tomatoes and basil and allow for the veggies to all cook together.

So colorful!

The pasta and veggies should be done around the same time, roughly 15 minutes from when you started!

What I really love about this recipe is that it is extraordinarily affordable to make.

1 Red Bell Pepper $1
1 Green Bell Pepper $1
1 Portebella mushroom $1
5 crimini mushrooms $.50 (a box of mushrooms is about $2)
8 cherry tomatoes $.50 (a box of cherry tomatoes is about $2)
some basil $.50 (a package of basil is also about $2)
1 box of pasta $2
Garlic $.30
olive oil $.30 (way too lazy to calculate the cost for two tablespoons!)

Total: $6.60 and this dish will last at LEAST three meals! So one serving of this dish is $2.20…that is totally doable!


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