Soda Muffins


After the extremely healthy sun-dried tomato basil pesto pasta from the last post, we decided we needed
something sweet, cake-like, but still remain within my vegan limits. The solution: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffins, replacing the eggs, oil, and water, with soda!


While Christine doubted that the combination would work, several internet searches pointed to the idea as perfect for those counting calories, attempting weight loss via weight watchers, and perfect for those who do not eat animal products! The general rule is lighter sodas (lemon-lime mixes, orange soda) for light cakes and darker soda (cola, root beer, etc) for darker or chocolate mixes. Using math, we were able to deduce that there should be 4 oz of soda per egg required by the box recipe. While this is probably the least healthy post on this blog, the final product was fairly awesome!


1 box Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffin Mix (any muffin mix would work!)
8 oz of soda

Mix the ingredients, pour into muffin holders, bake according to instructions on the box. They were a little crumbly, but tasted good!


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