All fresh but the olive oil homemade tomato sauce

So I have been on this healthy, cooking fresh, kick. I have also been craving my familiar staple of pasta and tomato sauce. The following recipe comes out of my desire to reunite with my Italian roots, while using fresh ingredients. I bought everything, except the olive oil, at the farmers market. Support local business!

For this you will need:

5 tomatoes (cut into quarters with the stem area removed)
4 cloves of garlic
6 mushrooms
handful of fresh parsley
handful of fresh basil
handful of fresh oregano
2 tbs of olive oil

First mince two cloves of garlic and sautee them in the olive oil. Then, in a trusted blender, place the five tomatoes, two remaining cloves of garlic, six mushrooms, parsley, basil, and oregano, into the blender. Pulse until the mixture is desirable. I prefer smoother sauces, so I blended for quite some time! Once the consistency is perfect, transfer to the pot with the olive oil and garlic, and stir. Heat throughly.

This is a great sauce for over plain pasta (I have been eating the 100% wheat pasta), in pasta dishes (ziti, lasagna). I may even use leftover sauce for pasta fazoli! (post pending!)

Simple, vegan, healthy.


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