Late night mushroom omelette with Keely!

Hello long lost land of WordPress and all my lovely food blog lovers out there. 🙂 It has been quite sometime since I have graced the WordPress stratosphere with my sarcastic food loving presence. It has been a whirlwind of activity since I last spoke to you all. I went home for thanksgiving, shortly after I had finals and then Christmas break, as soon as that was over I went to Pennsylvania with my boyfriend Chas for New Years. Where I had every intention of blogging some of the fantastic things we made with his brother Patrick and sister in law Beth, but time just got away with us.

So I am here to tell you about the mushroom omelette we made on Thursday night. I had gone to the farmers market with Jenni on Sunday and gotten some lovely fresh fruit and veggies but, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. I’ve been staying at my boyfriend families house quite frequently and his sister keely (who is an insomniac like me) has quickly become my night time hang out awesome friend and sous chef. She shares my love of mushrooms so we decided to make an omelette.

So for this you will need 4 eggs, minced garlic, a hand full of mushrooms, half an onion.

Set the heat for medium, mixed up eggs with a fork and put in a small/medium pan depending on the size of the omelette you want and the amount of insides you are putting. Let it whiten a bit and then add the ingredients to one side. Push the side of the eggs that doesn’t have the veggies and drain the excess liquid off to the side, no one likes soggy eggs. Once all the liquid is drained flip the one side over the other and serve.

I’ll have another late night creation for you guys tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I’m back!! 🙂



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