Fresh Vegan Fiesta Pizza


I have cooked a few times after the last post, but few of my creations were blog worthy. :/ While going through a mental checklist of food in my fridge, I realized that I had a few more pieces of flatbread from my last pizza adventure waiting to be used. After stopping by my favorite produce store Fancy Fruit and Produce, I came up with the ingredients for a Fresh, Vegan, Fiesta Pizza. Everything in this recipe (with exception of the pizza crust) is unprocessed!


“Salsa Sauce”
3 cloves garlic
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
half a small lime of lime juice
1 cup of black beans

For the base, I decided to create a salsa from scratch. I first blended one stem (with leaves) of fresh cilantro with three cloves of garlic. I then added one green and one red (both deseeded) bell pepper. My blender then did something really unusual. Instead of chopping as it usually does, it decided to completely liquify the mixture! I guess my new juicer gave it appliance envy. The liquid salsa tasted amazing though, but was too runny to use as a base. Fortunately, I was already making black beans in my rice cooker, and I was able to add a cup of cooked black beans to the mixture, blend, and come up with the perfect consistency to substitute a traditional tomato sauce. I did add lime juice to the mixture.

Pizza topping

black beans

With two flat bread crusts waiting on a larger pizza pan, I spread the salsa sauce evenly onto both. I then added (surprise!) spinach, chopped mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, corn cut from the ear, and extra black beans from the rice cooker batch. The pizzas went in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until the sides started to brown.

I was also in the process of making guacamole to take to a work function tomorrow. I used some of the guacamole as a side garnish for this dish.

Guacamole Ingredients

3 hass avocados
3 cloves of garlic
sea salt
black pepper
handful of cherry tomatoes
1 stem of cilantro
juice from half of a lime (convenient since half is used earlier!)

Combine all into your favorite blending tool, and blend until smooth. Instant party favorite!

Add the guacamole to the pizza, once it is baked for a delicious, fresh, vegan meal!


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