Cooking Vegan Alfredo with Christine!

photo (45)

Back in Orlando from the holidays, and while it was absolutely lovely visiting with my family, it is good to be back in my kitchen!

Today Christine and I decided to cook something that I had created in the past, but had no idea how to recreate…vegan alfredo sauce. After meandering around Publix for a good amount of time, gathering important information on spices and juicing (from random helpful people in Publix!) we settled on the following ingredients:

3 tbs flour
2 tbs butter (earth balance vegetable butter)
1 heaping tbs cream cheese (vegan veggie cream cheese!)
2 cups milk (plain almond milk)
handful of mozzarella cheese (veggie vegan cheese/0
garlic powder
seasoned salt
fresh ground pepper

First melt the butter, then add flour and milk and mix until a thick rue is formed. This may take some time, depends on the type of milk you use! DO NOT BURN THE FLOUR! Once the sauce has thickened, add cream cheese and mozzarella cheese. Stir again until melted and thickened (notice a trend?). Add garlic powder, seasoned salt, and fresh ground pepper. Season to taste. Make sure it is thoroughly warmed through and place over pasta.

Christine wanted to add mushrooms, and I of course readily agreed! She sauteed portobello mushrooms in butter, sprinkled olive oil on top and seasoned with garlic powder and seasoned salt, flipping the portobellos so that they are equally seasoned and browned. We chopped them up and added them to the pasta and sauce.

This was an amazing substitution for those who are lactose intolerant, vegetarian, vegan, or watching their cholesterol intake, as this meal has 0 cholesterol


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