A rare lunch post! Mashed potatoes and veggies…

Kristina’s birthday is coming up! Last night we started the weekend birthday celebration with dinner out at Shipyard Brewery in Winter Park. (I recommend the flatbread pizza without goat cheese for a vegan meal, but can also speak highly of their meatball sub, Kristina’s favorite, which I had quite some time ago.) Kristina ordered mashed potatoes with her meal, and it inspired me to make some of my own!

I realize, of course, that I cannot only eat mashed potatoes for lunch, so I pulled out my vegetable drawer in my fridge, grabbed zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and mushroom, and tossed them onto my counter. While I contemplated their fate, I turned my attention to two small potatoes.

A few years ago my mom gave me a potato cooking pouch for Christmas. While I had used it before, it had been ages since I had potatoes in the house, and I forgot about the awesomeness of its power.

I washed, dried, and put two raw potatoes in the bag. I then microwaved the bag for 4 minutes, and the potatoes were completely cooked. MAGIC!

I then cut up the potatoes, put them in an oven safe bowl, added Earth Balance Butter, Plain Almond Milk, Mozzarella Daiya, black pepper, and rosemary, and stirred like crazy. This recipe can obviously be made non vegan with regular milk, butter, and cheese. The amounts vary depending on how creamy you desire your potatoes to be. I set the bowl aside and turned to the neglected vegetables.

My first step was to wash and chop. I then placed all of the veggies in a zipbloc bag (my new favorite cooking tool! Other than the potato pouch, of course.) I added olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the bag, sealed and shook. This allowed for all of the vegetables to become equally doused in the dressing. The now marinated veggies were spread out on a tin foil lined baking pan and placed in the oven on ‘broil’ which my oven states is around 500 degrees.

I left the vegetables in the oven until slightly crispy and very warm. During the last 3 minutes, I placed the potatoes back into the oven to reheat.

Half of my veggies are being saved for dinner (and are not pictured), the potatoes are all gone!


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