Vegan Caesar ‘Chicken’ Wrap

Last night I made the most amazing tortillas from scratch for wraps. IF you haven’t read that post, I highly suggest it! 🙂

Tonight I decided to use one of the tortillas to make a ‘caesar chicken’ wrap. In quotes because it is not dairy based caesar dressing, and is definitely not chicken. This meal, however, can easily be converted to a non vegan dish!

My grandpa makes the most amazing caesar dressing from scratch! At my grandparents house, dressing is either oil and vinegar, or homemade caesar! My parents took that tradition, and growing up we almost always had a small salad after dinner. For a few years, I was in charge of making the salad…and the caesar dressing. (We did also have store bought dressing, but there were a few years we were mainly making out own!). The recipe is simple and delicious. Since the recipe varies greatly depending on the number of people eating, and the size of the salad, I will use proportions in the recipe.

at least 2 cloves of garlic pressed
3 parts olive oil
2 parts dijon mustard
1 part lemon juice
black pepper to taste

My grandpa adds anchovies on occasion… Stir the ingredients together, and mix over the salad!

I used Morning Glory’s “Chick’n strips” which are soy and veggie based. While the taste is a little bland, they look like real chicken!

Of course, if you prefer real chicken, you can use that too! I cooked the fake chicken in a frying pan with some seasoning until they were warm and slightly browned.

Meanwhile, I combined spinach, chopped mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, and Daiya mozzarella cheese (you can easily sub regular mozzarella or parmesan)

in a sandwich sized plastic bag.

I added the dressing, and the now cooked chicken (which I chopped into small pieces). I then sealed the bag, and shook it rather vigorously. The goal is to coat everything with the dressing! This also is an easy way to not use a ton of dishes. The plastic bag is disposable, and everything is evenly coated. This method also works when marinating food.

I microwaved the tortilla, emptied the contents of the plastic bag onto the warm tortilla, rolled, and ate!

I am so happy with this meal, that it is going to become a regularly occurring lunch item for me! Hooray for wraps!


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