Veggie Hummus Wrap in a Homemade Tortilla!

Hello readers! The past few days have been busy and quite hectic, leaving me and Kristina to eating leftovers or hurried meals not worthy of blogging. I have maintained a vegan diet during these days (which, I will admit was slightly difficult!) Tonight though, I decided to clean out some of the vegetables in my fridge and dine on a healthy wrap. Since I had all of the inside ingredients at home, I ventured briefly to Publix to acquire tortilla wraps.

My eating style has led me down some weird paths. I am constantly reading labels, and making decisions based on whether or not I can pronounce the ingredients. I was deeply disappointed when I started to read the labels on the tortilla packages. While many did not have dairy, they had a ton of chemicals that did not sound at all appetizing. I remembered that I had once successfully made homemade pita bread, and I whipped out my iphone and searched for homemade tortillas. A long list of recipes and ideas came up! I finally settled on one that only had four ingredients.

Home Made Tortilla Ingredients:

2 cups of flour (I used unbleached organic flour that was on sale!)
3/4 cup of water (warm, almost boiling)
3 tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp salt (I used seasoned salt)

Mix the flour and salt together. Add the olive oil and mix. Slowly (and carefully!) add the water. Stir together until the spoon becomes cumbersome, and then knead with your hands. Once the dough is smooth (add more water if necessary) let it sit for 10 minutes.

After the dough has had time to rise a bit, and consolidate, it is time to roll it into tortillas. A rolling pin would be useful in this scenario. I unfortunately do not own one, so I used a bottle of wine. Flatten out the tortillas until a desirable size and thickness, make sure to add flour to prevent sticking!

The original recipe said to fry the tortilla, I was not successful in that adventure. I tried using a George Foreman, but it came out with funky lines. The best method so far is to place it on a lined baking pan, and cook on broil until bubbles start to appear in the dough.

The Fillings

If you have read the blog, you know that I love hummus…to the point of obsession. I have included several hummus recipes on here, so I am going to just outline the ingredients.


3 garlic cloves
Olive Oil
Lemon juice (a tiny tiny amount)
Black Pepper
Seasoned Salt
Water (a tiny amount!)

Add all to blender, blend, enjoy!

Now for the cleaning out of the kitchen. This meal (and the various left overs) used:

1/2 zucchini (diced)
1 yellow squash (diced)
4 baby bella mushrooms (diced)
1 cup fresh spinach
5 cherry tomatoes (chopped)
handful of cooked black eyed peas
handful of cooked quinoa (if you have never tried quinoa go to the store immediately. It is a grain, packed with protein, and it will change your life!)

I lightly sauteed the zucchini, squash and mushrooms in olive oil until tender.

I then took my tortilla, slathered it with hummus. Placed spinach leaves on top, added quinoa, black eyed peas, the sauteed veggies, and tomatoes,

and attempted to roll into a burrito styled wrap. I got half way there. After the first bite though, it hardly mattered what shape it was in, I was in food heaven!


4 thoughts on “Veggie Hummus Wrap in a Homemade Tortilla!

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