twist on a egg sandwich

so lovely followers I apologize for mine and Jenni’s lack of posting. Yesterday I got distracted my napping before I saw a 12:40am showing on Wreck it Ralph (which was awesome by the way), to apologize I will be posting twice tonight 😀 

I’ve always loved a good egg sandwich, but I found that any place I can buy it from just doesn’t do it the way I like it and after making this sandwich, I shun all fast food egg sandwiches, cast away the greasy croissants and exile the fake egg patties. 

What you’ll meed for this recipe:

Toasted Bread of your choice, I like some sort of thick crusty bread. 

1-2 eggs fried, I like my eggs a little runny. 

Thinly sliced red potatoes 

1-2 asparagus stalks cut into pieces about bread length, and if you don’t like asparagus you can replace it with some other green, peppers, spinach your choice. 

a slice of cheddar cheese. 


First heat some oil in a pan and toss in your asparagus, and thinly sliced potatoes. Let them cook up with some salt, pepper and paprika if you have it on hand. When you can pierce through the potatoes and asparagus take them off and assembled all of the items on the bread.  Put the sandwich back on the heat to soften up the cheese and toast the bread a bit more. 



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