Amazing Curry!

One of the many benefits of living downtown is easy access to the library. On Sunday, I decided to stroll the few blocks down to the public library and check out their cooking section. I was overwhelmed with the selection, several aisles dedicated to different types of cooking. I picked three, with every intention on going back for more. The three chosen books were The Kind Diet (Alica Silverstone on being vegan), 660 Curries, and The Sopranos Family Cookbook (Kristina wanted more Italian recipes!) The following meal comes from the 660 Curries book.

I love curry, but I rarely eat it. In fact, every time I eat it, I am reminded how much I love it! While it has occurred to me that I could make this amazing dish, it wasn’t until I saw the book that I decided to actually try it. Imagine that! Cooking from a BOOK and not pinterest! The final product yielded an amazing dish, this may actually be the best curry I have ever had. I had to stop myself from having thirds so that I can eat some for lunch tomorrow!

The recipe calls for a pressure cooker for the beans…I used my rice cooker, which is basically the same idea, and then transferred the beans to another pot.


1 cup of dried black eyed peas

2 tbs oil (they recommend canola or mustard oil…i used vegetable)

8 oz of crimini mushrooms (I used a box of baby bella mushrooms)

1 tsp coarse sea salt

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp ground ginger

1 cup of fresh cilantro

Rice (not part of the original recipe, but i used it!)

First wash the beans. Make sure you get all the gunk off of them. Place them in a bowl, play around with them, rinse and repeat. You will be using the water they cook in for this meal, so it is essential that you clean them! Next, cook the beans in the manner that you are most comfortable with. I used my rice cooker with three cups of water. Adjust as needed. This process took about 45 minutes for the beans to be completely ready.

When the beans are starting to get soft, heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the sliced mushrooms and saute until they are browned and start to shrink. Add the cayenne, ginger, salt, and cilantro. Cook all together for a few minutes, until cilantro is cooked down.

The recipe says to add the mushroom mix to the beans and continue to cook. I did not want to do that with my rice cooker! (in retrospect, I could have easily switched the machine to ‘warm’ and would have been fine). I transferred the beans and their remaining water (a lot had boiled down) to a new pot on the stove. I then added the mushroom mixture. Place on medium heat and wait until the juice blends together making a nice thick sauce. This part took 7-10 minutes.

Once all the flavors have nicely melded together, the water has turned into a thick sauce, and your kitchen smells amazing, remove from heat and serve. I placed mine on a bed of brown rice.

This meal is healthy, vegan, and amazing!


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