Stuffed Peppers!

Growing up, I remember my Dad loving stuffed peppers. Unfortunately, my tastebuds were not sophisticated enough for this amazing dish. Stuffed peppers are versatile, healthy, and can pack an amazing amount of different ingredients into their lovely green vessels. Stuffed peppers also have left me wondering…what other amazing things did I snub as a child?

As it is Sunday, Kristina came over to cook. Unlike the past Sundays though, I made this dish on my own, while she was busy baking cookies. Stay tuned for her post on those!


4 stuffed peppers
1/2 cup of prepared rice
4 mushrooms, chopped
1/2 cup of chick peas
a few cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of “meat” (i used tofu crumbles…you could use real meat if you choose)
a handful of sundried tomatoes
a few tbs of tomato sauce (depends on your taste)
olive oil

**I cooked my rice and beans (separately!) in my rice cooker prior to starting this dish. I used brown rice, but white minute rice works as well. I cooked dried chick peas, but canned also work!**

Cut off the lids/hats of the peppers, take out the seeds, and wash out the insides. Place the peppers, sans lids, into water to boil.

While the peppers are boiling, saute garlic and mushrooms in oil oil until the mushrooms are tender. Add rice, chickpeas, meat, sundried tomatoes and tomato sauce. Cook until all the different tastes combine into a lovely concoction. Leave on the stove on low until the peppers are ready to be used.

The peppers are ready when they begin to get soft. Remember, you are still cooking them, boiling them is just quickening the process! Take the peppers out of the water, and fill with the rest of the ingredients. Stuff them generously, but make sure they have enough room to place their respective hats back on. Place the stuffed peppers in a baking dish that has been oiled. Place in oven and cook at 410 for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

This dish is healthy, vegan, and great for leftovers!


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