Smoothies! A late post….

So yesterday my computer died, my car went to the shop, and while I created something in the kitchen, I totally forgot to write about it! So as a late post for yesterday, I present to you SMOOTHIES!!

Smoothies make everyone feel better, and many people spend $5-$6 on a smoothie from restaurant. Those smoothies, while good, are often packed with sugar, some unknown powder, in addition to traditional fruit. Homemade smoothies give you the advantage of putting in what you want, and often at a much cheaper price.

As I was bemoaning the loss of my six year old macbook, and running out the door to get my car to the shop so that Kristina could pick me up and drop me off at UCF (public schools were closed yesterday = day off for me!), I realized that my day could be better with a smoothie. In addition, it would be a kind gesture as Kristina was picking me up at an early 8am. 

I make smoothies often and usually start my day with them. I use the following base ingredients:

Orange juice (during the spring I fresh squeeze my own)

1/2 frozen banana

I then add in whatever is in season/on sale at publix. In the past this has included raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and today pineapple!

I happened to have extra bananas laying around, so I added another banana to the smoothie mix. Place in blender and blend! I use the frozen fruit as it adds an additional serving of fruit, prevents the mixture from getting watered down, and if you miss a random chunk of something frozen, you get fruit instead of ice! I used to make this with frozen peaches, bananas are cheaper! (i use half a frozen banana as one whole one makes the mixture too creamy)

This cheap, healthy alternative to restaurant smoothies is sure to brighten up anyone’s day! 

[cost break down: oj $3, 11 bananas at 70 cents a pound $2.10, pineapple (on sale!) $2.99 = $8.09 a week, $1.15 a smoothie] 


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