What to do with leftover Cocktail shrimp?

This weekend I went to a friend’s father’s 90th birthday party. It was awesome to see the support and love in the household as they celebrated 90 years of life! The celebration was accompanied by a lavish buffet, so much good food! On my way out, I was talked into taking home several items, with the instructions to cook something good. One of the items I escaped with was a small plate of cocktail shrimp.

Growing up, I never ate seafood. I hated the smell, and therefore the taste was lost on me. A few years ago, a friend introduced me to the amazing world of fried fish, opening the door for seafood. Last year I learned of the wonders of sushi. Despite my now love for the genre, I have never cooked seafood before! Fortunately, the shrimp was already cooked, so I was not worried about poisoning myself during this process. Now what to cook!

Kristina had suggested shrimp scampi, but that required butter and flour. I used up all of my flour with the muffins last week, and I did not have any butter in the house. After looking for a while online, I came up with a dairy free version. I am not including amounts in the ingredients as it can fluctuate based on the amount of shrimp used! Use your best judgement!


Cooked Cocktail Shrimp
olive oil
vegetable broth (small amount)
lemon juice
parsley (a lot of this)
black pepper
sea salt (not much of this)
cooked pasta

Mix the olive oil, vegetable broth, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, pepper, and sea salt in a small frying pan. Bring to a boil, attempt to boil down some of the liquid. When the mixture is about half of the original volume, add the shrimp. Cook for a few more minutes. Add cooked pasta to mixture, and place a lid over the frying pan. Simmer until the pasta and shrimp are an acceptable temperature. Add more parsley flakes before eating. Enjoy!

This meal, while not vegan due to the nature of shrimp, is REALLY good, and a great way to repurpose cocktail shrimp! Who knows, maybe next time I will start with raw fish!


4 thoughts on “What to do with leftover Cocktail shrimp?

  1. This sounds delicious. I like sea salt stuff, I’ve had it on chips. I’m glad you’re embracing sea food! Maybe include basic measurements next time, “a pinch, two pinches etc.” for those of us who are in need of remedial assistance.

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