Upholding Tradition: Chicken Cutlets

There are few memories throughout my life so far, that are as deeply ingrained as the first time I cooked with my mother. It was one of those cherished memories that I feel helped mould me into the person I am right at this very moment. Our families Chicken Cutlet recipe is a staple of an Italian family, my Nana passed it down to her daughter in law (my mom), my mom passed it on to me and I am sure if I have children I will pass it on to them.  It is classic, simple, and extremely tasty. 

I have expounded upon my Mothers and Nanas recipe as I got older and formed my own culinary preferences, and tastes, but it still has the bases of good ol’ Italian cooking. The only one true difference between my recipe and our traditional family recipe is that I like to add lemon pepper to my dry mixture. I think it adds a balance of flavor a slight tartness to the italian seasonings. 

All you will need for this recipe is: 

1-2lbs of thinly sliced chicken cutlets. 

1 cup of italian style breadcrumbs (you could use panko if you like them extra crunchy)

1/3 cup of parmigiana cheese (pecorino romano will also do)

3-4 eggs

2 tbsp of lemon pepper seasoning 

Oil for the pan.


Combine all of your dry ingredients into one bowl, crack the eggs and put them into another. Coat the chicken in egg, move to dry ingredients and cover thoroughly.  You can if you choose double batter them, either way works just depends how much breading you like.  Heat olive oil in a medium sized frying pan and cook them till golden brown or the chicken is all the way cooked. 

When they are all finished, either serve with sauce or plain.  My dad always liked them with apple sauce. 

I hope you enjoy my families simple, and classic chicken cutlets.  A tradition I hope to carry on. 


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