Spicy Ranch Steak

I’ve been living with my new roommate Dale for going on 2 months now, and we haven’t had time to really sit down and make a meal. Now, I’ve made food and he has consumed it but it hasn’t been a real roommate meal.

Now, this meal sprang out of a random trip to the grocery store. Upon arrival to our local bodega, Natalie and I, run away from Dale and right to the free sample food kiosk (Publix has a employee who cooks a meal of the day) seeing the stand of recipe cards we decide to cook this spicy ranch steak. I was slightly skeptical because of the ranch part, because although I am a huge fan of ranch dressing, ranch steak seemed less appealing.

I’ll post the recipe later, just because it is football time and I’m distracted.

Kristina out. 🙂



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