Candied Apricots

so at 1am after our ménage a trois of raviolis, dessert was needed. We had originally planned for a dessert ravioli but honestly we were not pleased with the results of what was going to be our filling. It had come out watery, seedy, and just all around unpleasant in flavour and texture. BUT! we, and more specifically I came back from this failure with a candied apricot creation that tremendously tantalized my taste buds.

Apricots are sweet in general, but the dried variety have a fantastic texture that is just brilliant when used as a topping for a dessert or when mixing savoury with sweet. I started out by taking pure maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of sugar mixing it together in a preheated small pan and letting it absorb the sugar and thicken a bit. After it was the proper consistency I added chopped dried apricots to it, reduced the heat to low and let it sit and simmer for 10 minutes. Letting it sit and simmer for that 10 minutes unleashed a myriad of flavours, the apricots became soft and the sugary mixture retained its subtle flavours as well as acquiring the slight taste of apricot.

Needless to say while I wasn’t pleased with what the dessert raviolis had come out to be, I was more that pleased and thrilled with the candied apricots, you know if you couldn’t tell by my posting at all. I don’t think I need to give you a more specific reaction, I think my post has conveyed my feelings.

Jenni’s reaction: While they smelled atrocious at first, they ended up fantastically stupendous.



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