Awkward Pesto

so earlier this week I went to the store with my roommate Dale, and I decided to acquire a Basil plant since quite frankly it is more cost effective. (If I don’t pull a Jenni and kill it) So, with my new plant in mind yesterday I decided to make some pesto for my pasta lunch.  

Normally pesto has pine nuts and parmigiana cheese in it, but being the poor college student that I am do not have either one of those rather expensive ingredients on hand. In comes my improvisational cooking techniques.  I couldn’t think of anything on hand to replace the pine nuts with, because while I had walnuts, that didn’t seem to appealing to me. Instead of the parmigiana cheese I used munster cheese, because why not?

I am going to attempt to write out what I put in my awkward pesto.  I have this dreadful habit of making up things that end up tasting awesome because of my clear culinary prowess (heavy sarcasm) but I never remember to write down what I do. 

so I used maybe 10 leaves of basil

4 cloves garlic

5-6 mushrooms

olive oil

about a tbsp of truffle oil

2 1/2 slices of munster cheese

little bit of red pepper flakes


I put it all in my ninja blender and pulsed.  Turned out surprisingly good and more then I needed for just myself, so I fed my roommate and our friend Andrew dinner that evening with the leftovers. 



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