Fried Guacamole! A nearly vegan adventure…

Kristina finally came home from her vacation, and I was ready with the perfect recipe…Fried Guacamole!

Having grown up watching my mom fry artichoke hearts, and create homemade mozzarella sticks, I was eager to try frying something of my own!

I found this recipe via pinterest, and of course, changed part of it!

First step, make the guacamole. I used:

  • two avocados
  • a handful of cherry tomatoes
  • three cloves of garlic
  • some pepper
  • one lime (juiced!)
  • some salt

many traditional recipes call for onions. I do not like onions, so they were left out!

I placed the ingredients in my Ninja blender, and within minutes I had creamy guacamole. The lovely guac then goes into a container normally too large for it (it should be spread out) and then into the freezer! The goal is to have frozen cubes of guacamole.

After it is frozen (and once Kristina arrived at my apartment) the frying portion began.

In the pan put enough vegetable oil to fry something (should coat bottom of pan). In a shallow bowl, combine:

  • cup of water
  • tbs ground flax seed
  • tbs flour

**this is instead of the traditional eggs for frying. I did not have eggs in my house…and this is supposed to be vegan**

In a separate shallow bowl combine a cup of flour and some salt and pepper.

Slice the frozen guacamole in the container into bite size pieces. Each piece needs to be soaked in the water mixture (let the excessive mixture fall off) and then dredged in the flour mixture. Set this newly floured morsel on a papertowel covered plate. Repeat until all are floured. Let these pieces sit for a few minutes.

When the oil is ready (Kristina taught me a new trick! Drop some water into the oil…if it sizzles, it is ready) place a few pieces in the pan, and wait until they brown. Flip over. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF. When the pieces are sufficiently golden brown, remove from pan, place on a paper towel covered plate and put new pieces in the pan.  Once all are done, blot to remove excess oil.

These will need to cool slightly.

I ended up adding red pepper flakes, and Kristina, in the name of photography and her wanton lust for cheese, added mozzarella to the once vegan fried pieces.  I must say, her culinary genius is inspiring, even if it means adding dairy products!






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