Corn Muffins and Jam

When we first made jam, I thought “this would be great on some corn muffins”…tonight I made that thought a reality.

As we meandered through Walmart at 11:00 at night (same trip as the post preceding this) I saw corn muffin mix on sale for 50 cents. Perfect!

After making the fruit tarts (again, please read earlier entry), I went to work making the muffins. Keeping with my vegan theme, and overcoming my lack of eggs in the kitchen, I substituted 1 tbs flax seed meal and 3 tbs of water for one egg. I also used vanilla almond milk instead of regular milk. This concoction yielded 7 muffins. Placed in the oven at 400 degrees, they were completely ready within 11 minutes.

Now the fun part.

I some how managed to have a pastry syringe in my pantry…I know, no eggs, but a pastry syringe. I filled the syringe with jam, poised it over the muffins, and pushed. The first muffin crumbled…it was the runt of the batch, so I tried again. The second and third one came out great!

Now for the ultimate test: feeding the Kristina.


Kristina: Tasted Good. Surprised that the flax seed worked. I couldnt even taste the almond milk.

Jenni: Success!


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